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Hi there and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Hana and I'm a twenty something trying to find my way in the blogging world. My main interest is beauty but there will be a mixture of different posts. I started blogging at the end of 2014 and have progressed a long way since then. Since October/November 2015 I've given my blog a new name and makeover and I'm very happy with the stage it is at currently. There's still improvements to be made but that will be a continuous process! 
Outside the blogging world I'm currently at university studying health studies and have a major interest in mental health and elderly care and dementia. I hope to progress into a career related to that. Hobbies including blogging (of course!), baking, reading and all the usual things a twenty something year old loves! 

Thank you again for visiting my blog and if you would like to know more please check out my social media or contact me directly! 

Hana  ♥


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