Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Eye treatments or creams tend to be a step I skip over when I'm doing my skin care. I guess it's because I haven't found a product that I really like. As I'm getting older I'm realising how important it is to start looking after my skin now to prevent damage and slow down ageing. I'm noticing on the days that I don't wear make up my under eyes seem to be the area that look the worst so I'm on a mission of trying to improve this! So after doing a lot of research I finally gave in to the good reviews and purchased the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment. I've had it recommended before but for some reason I always put off buying it.
Kiehls describe it as a creamy and rich eye treatment which is enriched with Avocado to moisturise the eye area. The formula doesn't migrate into the eyes and is Ophthalmologist and Dermatolgist tested! The first thing I noticed when I tried this was just how thick the formula was. It definitely isn't a product you'll be able to get away with wearing during the day - and if you do you'll have to wait a while for it to set. It might just be because I have quite oily skin. I can imagine those with really dry skin will absolutely adore this product. You really need the tiniest amount and that will cover under the eyes. I can see this small pot lasting absolutely ages. How I apply is it by taking a tiny bit onto my finger and dabbing it under my eyes. It feels cooling and refreshing when applied. After using it for a few weeks the area under my eyes definitely felt more moisturised and looked a lot smoother which I loved. However, as good as the product is I've found it quite hard to stick to using it. I think due to the nature of how thick the cream is I find it hard to apply as it can feel really heavy. I've tried using it in day time before and I just hated how it felt. However, as a night treatment it does feel really nice and my eyes feel smoother and more comfortable the next morning.
Personally I don't think I'll be purchasing this product again when I eventually run out but the only reason for this is because the formula is so thick. If you do have really dry skin I do recommend you give it a try but if you have oily skin like me maybe test it in store first before you decide to purchase it. You can get it for £20 from the Kiehl's Website.
What eye cream do you use? Is there one you can recommend to me?

Hana ♥

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Have you ever had your hair cut and instantly thought what on earth have I done?! That was the case with me a few months ago. My hair seems to grow quite slowly so anything to speed it up I was willing to try. I had tried this product when I was younger and it didn't do much to my hair but this time round there was results that I was happy with.
So what is it? This is the Lee Stafford Hair Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length! A mouthful right? Lee Stafford claims that...
'This gorgeous, thick, intensive treatment with PRO-GROWTH™ complex fertilises your follicles whilst going deep down into the cortex to condition and strengthen from within. Its soothing formulation reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp, providing the perfect base for hair to grow and reach its maximum potential length.' So quite a lot there. I had finished the pot and stupidly took the photos for this post afterwards so you can't see what it looks like but it's a white thick non sticky formula which is easy to apply to the hair. They advise to use this on the hair after you've shampooed for five minutes. He advises to use the product every time you was your hair until the condition of it improves then to reduce it to once a week. As I wash my hair every day I did not use this every day, however I applied it about 2-3 times a week. After initial use of this product I noticed a difference in the condition of my hair, it felt a lot softer and smoother and after a few weeks the condition of my hair was definitely improved. I started using it 2-3 times a week then when I finished the pot I started using it once a week. My hair definitely grew a lot faster than it had before - I feel like this is down to the product really helping the condition of my hair which in turn helped it grow. Like I said previously it did nothing to my hair but now it has been working! If you do have the type of hair that just doesn't seem to grow do give this a try! 
You can get it from Boots for £8.49 but there's usually some sort of offer on so look at for those. Have you tried? What do you use for hair treatment?

Hana ♥

Monday, 15 August 2016

Relapse and Coping | Let's talk Mental Health

Well it's been a bit of a while since I have posted anything on this blog hasn't it? I thought about writing a really brief message and leaving it at that but that felt almost slightly fake and I promised to be as honest as I can be. I spoke about Depression in a previous post and that has a huge impact on why I have been neglecting the blog so much recently. If you don't want to read this post feel free to skip it, my normal beauty/lifestyle posts should be resuming from this week. I'm going to steer away from having set days etc to stick to as I feel that will be adding too much pressure on myself. I will try get at least one post up a week until I feel more in control of it. Thank you for those who have followed this blog for a while and all your support - and new followers hey! Warning: this will be a rambly post! I apologise in advance. There is no structure to this post, I am just sitting in front of my laptop just typing so if it is jumping from parts to parts I haven't edited it further.

Depression for me is like a cloud that lingers but never quite fully goes away. It comes back when you feel down and it takes a lot of strength to not let it take over. For me personally the start of the year has been quite tough and I think I've only been processing what I've been feeling over the past few years in the last few months and it's just got on top of me. I do have a chronic headache disorder which impacts what I do majorly and it has resulted in me having to leave my nursing degree and just put a huge halt in my plans. It's funny though I started the blog (originally hdotxo) when I was getting really ill and it kept my mind occupied. So I left my first university with a diploma in health studies instead of my nursing degree. Since then I have tried to continue to finish my degree in health studies which I've had to stop once and restart last September. Not quite how I planned life to go! But that's life for you - forever throwing curveballs.
Without giving you a whole life story I just had a lot of personal problems at the start of the year. One being having to cut out someone who has been a major part of my life for reasons I can't explain much on here. I think that's what caused the relapse initially as that person was my main support lifeline. It's amazing how much we can depend on people. So that was one part of the problem. Another was my treatment for my headaches have not been as successful recently causing implications on progression at university. I've somehow managed to finish most my modules with my dissertation remaining. I also was let go at work because I had not been in for so long - not so much of an issue now as I do have a new job I'm now waiting to start.
But it's almost like all those things big or small were just adding up and suddenly about a month ago I just felt like I was drowning in all these negative thoughts. I'm going to be completely honest and say I got to a stage for a good few days where I just didn't want to move from bed and kept saying to myself what is the point? But somehow I have managed to kind of get out of this. I'm slowly making progress on improving. I know it's different for everyone but for me I feel like Depression will be one of those things that will never completely go away, there will be moments where I have patches like that. I just need to find what works for me and I will explain that below. I know everyone is different and what I suggest might not be helpful at all for some but it's worth saying I think. So here goes...
I think the main thing for me which is a lot easier said than done was reminding myself I have got through this before and I worked too hard to get out of feeling that low to fall back into it. I know what you're thinking - that sounds great but it isn't that simple. I know it's not but it's as if that little bit of motivation was coming from the fact that I never wanted to feel as low as I have done in the past. The thought of hitting rock bottom and the reminder of how that feels was enough to make me go you know what? No this isn't going to happen. 
Another major point for me was acceptance in a way. This is hard to explain but similar to the previous it was reminding myself it's okay to feel down, it's okay to feel completely overwhelmed and feel like enough is enough. The feelings are normal. I've accepted that it will always be there and some days or weeks, even months it will affect me more than others. And that's fine but now I'm more aware of it I know I need to try fight it more. Part of the acceptance for me is remembering it's fine to completely break down and cry. It's okay to stay in bed and just sleep for a day. It's just stopping it becoming a habit which you can't break. This moves onto the next though which is trying to keep as busy as I can. I found this the hardest, I didn't want to see people, I didn't want to be sociable, after spending hours and hours on the laptop for university I didn't even want to look at my blog and I just wasn't feeling inspired. But even getting myself outside for a hour a day or a 10 minute walk. Something to just break that routine of not wanting to do anything helped loads. Now I'm trying to keep focused on what I do have in my diary and if I don't have anything planned what can I do which will get me some fresh air. Sure this didn't work everyday but every single time I went outside for a while it helped. Every single time. 
Again following on from the previous another thing I've been doing which is new to me is talking. There is amazing support out there. As I've said I don't speak to the person who was my main support so I'm teaching myself to speak to friends and other people about it. It's okay to talk. It's important to talk. Even if you don't talk - letting someone know you're struggling so you're not alone is major. It's made me realised I'm truly lucky to have some amazing people in my life I wouldn't change for the world. Some understand more than others but even if I saw someone and just spoke to them about anything besides what was going on with me it helped. It distracted my mind. 
Lastly probably one of the most important parts that helped me was looking after myself. Physically as well as mentally. Something as small as a bath and pampering helped sometimes. Making myself exercise as cliche as it is has helped. For me it was completely about keeping the mind occupied. Whether this would be by reading a book, binge watching a series, doing yoga, anything that distracted me from my thoughts it helped. 
I think if you're struggling with depression the most important thing to know is you're doing okay. Whether all you've managed to do is get out of bed or got up to go to the loo you will be fine. Just try to talk, it's the most important thing. People are there for you and support is everywhere. You're not alone and a lot of people are going through the same. Little steps. I can't say that I'm feeling completely better or I'm out of this relapse phase but this past week has definitely been much much better. Also, if you do want to talk about it more just private message me on twitter or any social media platform. We need to be talking more about mental health and ending the stigma associated with it. 

So after that extremely long ramble I will be trying to get my blog back to normal or back into it. I have missed it I just didn't want to post posts that I didn't fully commit to. I promised honesty and that's what I'm going to keep at. Thank you again for your patience and all the positive energy everyone has been spreading.

Hana ♥
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