Monday, 27 June 2016

Beauty June Favourites

How are we half way through the year? I'm not okay with this. It's gone far too quickly. Slow. Down. Please. Anyway here's the products I've been loving over the last month (or few months, haven't done a favourites post in a while!)

Flora by Gucci - Gorgeous Gardenia | £55 - This is one of my favourite perfumes for Spring/Summer, probably because it is so floral. It has notes of red berries, pear, white gardenia, frangipani and patchouli. It's a very light floral sweet scent. I haven't got anything else like it so I'm unsure how else to explain it or what to compare to. However, if you like your floral scents I'm pretty sure you will like this! 

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream | £26 - I usually love using Laura Merciers Tinted Moisturiser when it's warm. However, I've noticed it's been transferring a lot even with powder so I was on the look out for something new. I have only had this for about a month but love it so far. The colour does not suit me 100% so I have to mix with other products but I do believe they're bringing more shades out soon. I will have a full review of this up soon.

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in Love Glow | £30 - This is a product I've had for ages which has been gathering dust in my make up drawer but I've recently discovered it and I'm in love. It is really pigmented so I have to be really light handed with it. It's such a gorgeous pink blusher which applies so easily and lasts all day. I really do believe Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong, all her products that I have tried are absolutely amazing. I also might have done a lipstick order while I was looking for the link for this product. Woops.

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Beso | £15 - There's something about lipglosses I just hate. I think it's the sticky formula and I much prefer a matte lip than a glossy one so I tend to avoid them! However, this is one that I do love. I really don't wear lipgloss that often but when I have no make up on and I want a bit of something I reach for this. I'm sure I'll be wearing it on holiday later on this year too. It's such a comfortable formula which is easy to apply, the colour pay off is good too - this is a gorgeous pink flattering shade.

MAC Lip Pencil in Soar | £12:50 - If you're a beauty lover or just on social media I'm sure you know everything there is to know about this lip liner after all the hype around it. That being said it is a beautiful shade. It's described as a mid-tone pinkish brown. On my skin tone it's definitely more a pink than a brown but that's why I love it. It goes amazing with MAC Mehr lipstick and MAC Whirl lipstick. The lip pencils are really drying but they do last ages. Make sure you've moisturised your lips well if you want to use a MAC lip pencil! If you can get hold of this shade do - it's beautiful for the Summer. 

Barry M Super Mani 7 in 1 Treatment | £3.99 - Anyone else guilty of biting their nails when they were younger? I am and I'm paying for it now. My nails are in a shocking condition and they grow weird but this treatment helps them strengthen and grow evenly. It contains lovely ingredients like keratin, argan oil and vitamin E to help nourish and protect the nails. It dries quickly and sits well as a base coat too. Completely affordable as well.

Tarte Eyelash Curlers | £15 (with mascara) - I don't know how I was getting lift in my eyelashes before I discovered eyelash curlers. I've been using tarte eyelash curlers for about six months and I absolutely love them. It's only when I went without them in May that I realised how much of a difference they were making. Now that I have them back I'm back to having lifted, curled lashes which last all day. Really do recommend these! Just a bit of a pain to get hold of in the United Kingdom.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette | £18 - This has been the only palette I have reached for recently. Any time I've been away I have been packing this. It just has the perfect warm toned shades. There's enough shades to create a natural look, smokey look and a heavy dramatic look. The quality is amazing for the price too - they last all day and blend a dream. I haven't even touched my Make Up Geek shadows in a while as I'm always reaching for this. It's such a light palette for travel too - takes up hardly any room. Completely recommend it!

What have been your favourite products this month? Any recommendations? 

Hana ♥

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is officially here although you wouldn't think it looking outside at this gloomy weather. However, many people are jetting away soon so I thought it would be a perfect time to share what I have in my beach bag (for those who are not going away for a while don't worry! My holiday isn't until September, so I'm still counting down!). The lovely lot from Adore Me contacted me about a hashtag they are doing on instagram called #BeachDayMusts and asked if I wanted to get involved which I was very excited about! I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while so seemed like the perfect time. Adore Me has some beautiful lingerie and swim wear - I can't wait to do an order but I definitely recommend you have a look around. I will be doing an order soon and will keep you updated on my thoughts! The link is here if you want to go have a browse!

So onto what's inside this beach bag! My bag is a bucket bag from Hollister which was from a few years ago. But I prefer it to the standard beach bag as it's more compact and you can just chuck everything in. If I was going to spend the whole day at the beach I would probably carry a lot more with me but these items are just my absolute essentials! A lot of these products I carry in my handbag so it was just a case of transferring!

BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: SPF is vital when you're spending time in the sun. It's so important to look after your skin! I have tanned dark skin so I tend to avoid the sun but for those who love laying in the sun please layer up on SPF - even if you don't you need to protect your skin! This Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30 Lip Balm is so comfortable on the lips and easy to apply. It does leave a bit of a white mask but I wear lipstick or lip gloss over so it isn't too obvious. For my actual face I have recently discovered Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream. This sits so comfortably on the skin, it has light to medium coverage depending on how much you build it up. I just forget I have it on and it's suppose to keep your face hydrated each time you use it. I'm loving it so far and I'm going to be reaching for it in the summer loads. Another new product I have purchased recently is the Britney Spears Maui Fantasy Perfume - I absolutely adore the scent of this. It makes me think of cocktails and Summer and is such an easy scent to wear. It has notes of passion fruit, hibiscus, orange blossom, vanilla and coconut. The bottle is stunning and the colour is beautiful too. I usually steer away from celebrity perfumes but this one is so good for day to day. I also recommend getting a SPF for face and body - I don't have one that I'm loving right now so I haven't added it. Any recommendations would be welcome!

ENTERTAINMENT ESSENTIALS: A good book is vital for a beach trip in my opinion. It's so nice to lay in the sun (or the shade in my case) and have a read. It takes mind off current events and let's you get enveloped into a different world. Such a nice little escape! Music is a must too - I carry round my iPod with me pretty much everywhere and really do believe music always helps! The most recent book I've read was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes which was such a gorgeous emotional book. I definitely recommend it. The film done it justice too. Any book recommendations through them my way too! 

MISC ESSENTIALS: Sunglasses go without saying! I need to order some contact lenses so I can wear any sunglasses I want. These ones are from Detour and I just love the design of them. Hats are vital too but I completely forgot to add some to the picture! Sandals are also vital if you are planning to walk round the beach - easy to get off ready for that run into the sea if you wish. These ones are from the sale in New Look from a few years ago. Water is also a must - if you're spending time in the sun it's so important to stay hydrated! I always have a bottle of water wherever I go. Tissues are always important too - you just never know when you'll need some. I usually have hand sanitiser too but couldn't find any for this shot! The Soap & Glory ones are my favourite as they smell gorgeous. Another absolute must is Wet Wipes whether your feet are covered in sand or you want to wipe your hands to have some food - definite need! 

So those are my essentials for the beach. What are yours?

Hana ♥


Monday, 20 June 2016

Daily Face | How much is my face worth?

I'm starting to realise that I wear the same products over and over and rarely mention them on the blog. I do share more on my instagram but not so much on here. So I've decided to talk through the products that I use daily (or when I can be bothered to put make up on to make myself look presentable!) talk briefly through them and add the cost of them at the end. I have a feeling it's going to be extremely pricey! I really have a high end make up addiction. Woops! I'll try to list the products in the order I would apply them.

BASE | Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer [£6.99]: I have tons of primers to get through but I actually picked this up when I went away and realised I forgot to pack a primer and a SPF. It's a white thick texture which takes quite a while to work into the skin - I'm guessing that's the SPF's doing though! I do like it and it does do a okay job however, I don't think I'll be repurchasing it when I finish as I have other primers I prefer more. 

BASE | Clinique CC Moisture Surge [£28.00]: I picked this up a while ago and I'm finally getting to the end of the product! It has lasted absolute ages. I've noticed it is very cool toned and I'm warm toned so I find myself relying on my blusher and bronzer to make my face look less grey. However, it is very moisturising and incredibly light on the skin! It also contains SPF 35 - a really good product for this time of year! I have started using this in combination with the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and it looks so much better so I think I will be sad when I finish it. 

BASE: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer [£22.00]: I seem to have a very awkward skin tone. Drug store products seem to be either too light or too dark - no inbetween. I could buy two products and mix but I find that such a waste of money. So after a lot of searching for a product that will suit my skin tone I came across this. This is hands down my favourite concealer I've tried so far. It blends in so easily, doesn't crease and just helps cover up all those pesky breakouts and imperfections. It is pricey but it lasts absolute ages! If you struggle with finding a concealer that matches do go to a counter and see if this works! I wouldn't be without it now! 

BASE: Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer [£5.99]: I use this concealer under my eyes and any area that I want to brighten up. It's such a lightweight, easily blendable and comfortable concealer. It never creases and just sits so well with other products. I really wish there was darker shades to use for actual concealing but I'm happy with it as a under eye concealer product right now. If you haven't tried it to I really recommend you to do so! It's such a good product. 

BASE | Benefit Fine One One [£23.50]: This shouldn't come as a surprise if you read my blog regularly or follow my instagram. I absolutely adore this product, it gives such a gorgeous glow and flush of colour on the cheeks. It's easily built up for a more bold look as well. I did do a review which you can find here if you want to read more. 

BASE | Benefit Hoola Bronzer [£23.50]: This is actually rather light on my skin but I love the little bit of colour it gives. Especially as the CC cream is so cool toned it makes my face look a lot warmer. If you're paler than me I'm sure you will love this product, I don't think I've come across anyone who has tried this that didn't like it. There's tons of reviews in the blogsphere so I won't talk too much about it! 

BASE | Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder [£3.99]: I always get a oily t zone so powdering is an absolute must for me! All Rimmel powders have been amazing for me - I do go for the translucent shade as it's just easier to blend in with my make up. It's very fine and doesn't leave the make up looking fake or heavy. It's a really good affordable powder which does the job well! 

EYES | Benefit Gimme Brow [£18:50]: I get my eyebrows threaded quite regularly so I don't like adding too much product onto my brows, just something to keep it in place and stop it going a bit crazy. This product does the job well - it adds a tiny bit of colour whilst providing a good hold for the hairs. The brush is also small enough to get to those annoying eyebrow hairs that can be hard to get to! They are soon releasing new packaging and new shades so I'm hoping the formula will still be the same but if not I might have to find an alternative!

EYES | Bourjois Color Band Eyeshadow/Liner Stick in 02 Brun Dadaiste [£5.99]: I don't like putting much on my eyes in the day time and I find that this product adds a little colour and shine to the lids! This shade is such a beautiful brown which I think would suit most skin tones. It lasts absolute ages and blends a dream! I'm usually switching it up on my eyes but this stays put in my make up bag. 

EYES | Benefit Roller Lash Mascara [£19.50]: I'm yet to find a mascara that I absolutely adore and can't do without. However, this is a very good one. It lengthens and adds a bit of volume which is perfect for the day time. I love the wand on this as it just catches all the lashes! It lasts all day and has been what I have been using since it was released. 

LIPS | Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Hollywood Honey [£16.00]: I can't believe I've only started wearing lip liners in the last year. I'm absolutely obsessed with them now and can't imagine wearing lipstick without a liner. This is by far my favourite one. The formula glides on and doesn't drag on the lips. It sits comfortably and lasts ages. This is a gorgeous dark nude on me and seems to go with most lipsticks I wear (not bold ones!). Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong in my eyes! 

LIPS | Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 2 [$20.00]: I got a set of both Lolita shades last Christmas and have been obsessed with Lolita 2. It's described as a terra cotta nude and is just this gorgeous pinky brown shade on me. I love it and use it as a base if I want to wear a nude or pink lipstick. Lasts ages and wears evenly so you don't have any awkward lines on your lips! I wish it was more readily available in the United Kingdom! 

LIPS | MAC Mehr or Whirl [£15.50]: MAC lipsticks are one of my favourite formulas for matte lipsticks. They apply so well and last ages. I have been reaching for Mehr a lot recently which is a gorgeous pink which I have not put down since I purchased it. I think it's the fastest I've ever gone through a lipstick so far, there's not much left! However, if I want a bit more of a brown toned nude I go for Whirl. They're both gorgeous shades and I recommend you trying them at a counter if you can. 

SET | L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist Setting Spray [£7.99]: Finally to finish the whole look I spray this setting spray. I really disliked this product when I first started using it and realised there was loads of white particles that was showing on my skin. However, I found the trick is to shake it for about 30 seconds and apply straight away and no white particles! It gives a very matte finish so definitely not for any with dry skin as it may cling onto patches on the skin! However, if you have oily skin like me this will be your best friend. It really does lasts ages and I use it more than my Urban Decay setting spray. 

I've just realised that most those products are high end! I tend to switch it up every now and then so will do a daily face post sometime soon too, probably near autumn! I'm also realising how much Benefit products I use haha, that I blame to my friend who used to work at Benefit. So all these products add up to £211.52. Crazy when I look at it that way! I really do have a high end make up brands addiction, ah well! What products do you use daily? 

Hana ♥
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