Monday, 28 March 2016

Favourite Spring Lipsticks

Now the clocks have changed in the United Kingdom it really does feel like Spring is in the air. I'm not one for changing my make up much when the seasons change - however I do tend to reach for lighter lipsticks than the usual deep berry shades I usually obsess over. So I have for you my five favourite lipsticks for this season. I will talk about each shade briefly going left to right in the photos. 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Fiery (£7.99): The formula of these lipsticks is probably one of my favourites from the drug store. It's so easy to apply as it is a balm formula but it's also matte too but not drying. Plus it smells so minty and fresh! Just wish they would expand their matte range even more. This colour is a gorgeous light berry - I told you I haven't given up the colour yet. However, it does apply quite sheer so if you want a heavy look this might not be the one for you as it takes a while to build up! 

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in Under My Spell (£6.99): Now this colour is probably the darkest one but going on from the previous lipstick this is a deeper shade of that one. It's incredbily moisturising and easy to apply. Doesn't drag on the lips at all - I wouldn't say it's a matte lipstick; it has quite a satin type finish with a beautiful shine. I would get the lip liner if you want a long lasting look as this does wear off after a few hours. However, it is incredibly easy to reapply. 

MAC Amorous (£15.50) - This is definitely my most used lipstick in Spring. It's a gorgeous cranberry pink. It seems to be such a good pink nude for me personally and I think that's why I love it so much. It's so flattering with minimal make up but also looks amazing for occasion make up. If you want a new pink and like the satin finish of MACs lipsticks go give this a go at the counter!

MAC Plumful (£15.50) - Another MAC lipstick I know but there's just something about the formula of MAC lipsticks that are amazing. I haven't tried much other make up from them but I adore their lipsticks. I actually don't use this as much as I should but it's such a beautiful light rose plum shade. It just seems to be one of that shades that flatters most skin tones - everyone who I've seen try it it looks amazing on them! Again give it a go at the counter if you can. It's a lustre finish so it's not drying on the lips at all. 

NARS Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil (£19:00) - This lipstick I received in a set from Sephora and I've only recently got round to trying it. I think it would be a perfect nude for anyone with pale skin or possibly olive skin. For me it leaves a gorgeous light pink shade on my lips without washing me out and I love it for that. It's so hard to find light pinks that don't wash out my skin tone. Because it is a satin finish it's very comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry it out at all as well as leaving a gorgeous shine. It's truly a beautiful shade if you want a light pink that's not a baby pink! 

What are your favourite lipsticks for Spring?

Hana ♥

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Hey you. 
I did have posts scheduled for this week and next but I'm finding it hard to be as active on social media due to my headaches. I have my treatment next week so will try get back to normal after Easter. Hope you have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it and I'll be back online after! 

Hana ♥

Monday, 14 March 2016

Benefit Fine One One

I'm having a bit of a moment with Benefit at the moment. I'm not the biggest fan of some of their newer products but there are some products I would be lost without. Hoola and Fine One One are probably two of my absolute favourite products. But this product I adore and I've used it since it was released so I thought I would let you know about it - especially as it seems to be a product that's not mentioned often!
It's described as a sheer brightening cheek and lip colour to instantly lift, shape and pop! Even though I believe you can use it on your lips I only have once and I wasn't a fan so I use this just for my cheeks! It has three gorgeous shades; a pink champagne, watermelon and a coral pink which just makes a beautiful colour combined. I apply this directly onto my cheeks and blend with a brush. You can blend with fingers as well but I just prefer the more natural finish when using a brush. It just leaves this soft gorgeous colour which just gives a lift and finishes off a look. I love it more in the Spring and Summer as I've never been a fan of heavy blusher whereas this one is so sheer. It's easy to build up too! Because it has the pink champagne too it adds a little bit of a highlight which is perfect if you don't want to layer on the make up. I've had friends use it too and it looks stunning on different skin tones. It's always in my make up bag and is just the perfect minimal effort touch to a gorgeous look. You can get it for £23.50 from the Benefit website. 

Have you tried this? What's your favourite blusher?

Hana ♥

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara vs Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics is probably the first high end beauty brand I tried so I am a sucker for some of their products as there's nostalgic value. I used to use They're Real all the time when I was younger then I stopped and then when Roller Lash I went crazy. Now I have both and have been using both for so long I though I could give you my thoughts on both mascaras and which would I would recommend.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara £19:50: Now you might notice the lovely crystals on mine. It was a limited edition I'm afraid so don't think you can get this anymore. This is a love/hate mascara I believe. It's one of Benefits best selling products and it can be amazing for those who like the specific type of lashes they create. It claims to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and seperates. So the works really! It definitely adds a ridiculous amount of volume and it does lengthen it. I love using this when I need huge powerful lashes as they definitely make a statement. HOWEVER, it does give that clumpy look with the lashes. Something I'm really not a fan of. Personally it really isn't for me but that's just personal preference. I have really tried to get back into liking it but it's not working. There was a point when I was younger I loved that spidery clumpy lashes so I have loved it previously, just not anymore. But a lot of my friends absolutely swear by this mascara. If you haven't tried it all I can recommend is get yourself down to your local Benefit counter and ask them to apply it and also for you to apply it yourself so you have an idea if it would work for you.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara £19:50: Now this was released about this time last year and they had free samples in Elle UK magazine which I thought was amazing. I picked up two and it was an amazing way to test it before deciding whether it was right for me.As you can see from the wand it's very different to the they're real wand. It's more curved and has smaller bristles. Benefit says it has a unique hock and roll brush which plans to separate, lift and curl. The formula contains provitamin B5 and serin which has lash conditioning benefits. I absolutely love this mascara and it's replaced previous favourites I've had. It lengthens my lashes so much whilst separating them so they don't look clumpy. No spidery lashes! You can build it up for a more dramatic look. If I'm after a more evening look I combine it with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and they work a dream together. As for giving a curl I tried it without eyelash curlers and it added a bit of curl but nothing dramatic. I have to curl my lashes before as mine are very straight lashes. If you're after length and separation without clumps this one is for you! Very good for day to day make up without too much drama.

So overall as you can tell I prefer the Roller Lash mascara but they are both good mascaras. It just depends what kind of look you are after! I'm going to continue trying They're Real and hopefully I will fall in love with it again. Have you tried these? Which one do you prefer?

Hana ♥

Monday, 7 March 2016

15 Things I wish I knew when I was 15

I have loads of beauty posts coming up in the next few weeks so I though I would throw in a lifestyle post. I'm 25 this year and I find it so strange when I reflect back at 15 and how much I wish someone would have shaken me and told me all this! Hope you can relate or avoid these in the future haha.

1: Leave the eyebrows alone: This is probably one of the most common things most beauty bloggers will say but it's so true. Luckily I never plucked my eyebrows, the first time I had them done was away and being asian I had them threaded but I really wish I didn't touch them. They were a lovely natural shape and they've never grown back to the same thickness. So just leave them alone! Unless you're reading for all the maintenance to come then go for it.  But do your research!

2: Labels, Stereotypes, names - they don't define you: I remember when I was 15 there was that immense pressure to fit in and I can only imagine it's so much worse now with all the access to social media and all the rest. I felt like I couldn't admit liking certain music or certain things because I had to fit in. Don't worry about all that, like what you like - the people who love you will stay. 

3: Trust your instincts: I wish I knew this so much earlier. If something doesn't feel right - it probably isn't! For whatever it's concerning trust your gut instinct as it's rarely wrong. It's never been wrong for me but I've gone against it and regretted it.

4: The friends that matter will always be there: This is a huge one for me. I found it hard to make friends and hung around with an enormous group when I was 15, however I talk to none of them now. My closest friends from school are the ones who were always there regardless. The ones you met up with and you didn't have to go anywhere. You can just stay at home and chat! 

5: Study hard! GCSEs are so so important. I didn't realise how much it would impact what I do now but anything you do they ask about GCSEs (or whatever the equivalent is!) Work hard as it's your future, no one elses. You have to do it for you. 

6: It's okay to not know what you want to do: I'm still clueless. Again I think there's so much pressure on having to know what you want to do by the time you get to college but the reality is life is unpredictable and forever changing - just make sure whatever you do you enjoy it or it's to help you get to where you want to be. Don't do something because someone told you to as it will be harder to keep motivated! 

7: Make the most of your Summer: Oh how I would love to have that long holiday. Make the most of the long holiday! Spend it with friends and family. Make the most of the sunshine and the beautiful days. Get off bloody MSN and get out. Well less MSN now moreso Twitter haha.

8: Step away from the lilac eyeliner: What was I thinking? Seriously? Lilac eyeliner. On it's own. No other make up. It's not a good look Hana step away. 

9: Some people will never change, move on: Those people who made life difficult? Likelihood is you will never come across them again. Some people are just bad eggs, they don't change. Learn to ignore and avoid. Easier said I know!

10: Everyone has their own problems: That girl that looks amazing who looks like she's got it all together... She has her own problems. We all do. You can't judge someone just by looking at them! Confidence is key.

11: Don't do something just because your friends are doing it: Again goes back to gut instincts if something doesn't feel right don't do it. And if they are real friends they won't pressure you in the slightest.

12: It's okay to be the quiet one: I was that awkward kid in the class who hardly spoke and found it really hard to even speak in class. It's okay to be like that, other people feel like that too! But things will improve with time. I still struggle now but it's improved because I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

13: Mums are usually right: Every single person my mum said was a bad person I'm not friends with anymore. Any advice she gave even though I ignored it at the time, I wish I hadn't. She has a wealth of knowledge. Maybe not admit it to her but do listen to her.

14: Bullying: It's not ok. I got bullied many times at school but I never spoke up. I really wish I had so people knew how I felt as I really dreaded going into school for so long. Don't be afraid to speak up, no one has the right to treat you badly. You deserve better. 

15: You don't need to completely know who you are: We grow and we learn. Cheesy and obvious I know. If I was the same person I was ten years ago things would be very different. Hell if things were the same it was five years ago things would also be very different. Life challenges you, things are forever changing. You are forever discovering things about yourself and that's okay! 

Right that got a bit deep haha. What do you wish you knew when you were in your teen years? 

Hana ♥

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Non Beauty February Favourites and 5 Favourite Bloggers

So I did my beauty favourites for February on Monday so I thought it was only right to do non beauty favourites. Again, I'm not sure if this will be a monthly thing but we shall see! I also have five favourite bloggers at the moment as I love discovering other blogs through people too. Plus they are all amazing so they deserve a shout out!

Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern: This is probably one of my favourite books. If you love a romance with a bit of comedy as well as an easy read this is definitely worth picking up. I actually ended up reading all her books when I was away in Nepal and she's a fabulous writer. This remains my favourite though. I forgot how much I enjoyed it and how easy it is to get completely lost in a book which was nice. I think we're so switched on to technology that we forget how it feels to truly switch off. It's also been made into a film recently and it's really good. Definitely recommend you see it if you're more a movie type!

Netflix: I have a love hate relationship with Netflix. Sometimes I end up spending way too much time on there whereas other times I can't find anything to watch it drives me mad. However, lately I've been really enjoying it when I've been unwinding. Obviously loving the new series of Pretty Little Liars. But also watching Gossip Girl again. Tempted to watch House too, but any recommendations are welcome!

Kinder Surprise Mini Eggs: I know it's Easter soon but what really excites me is these Kinder Surprise Mini Eggs. Kinder surprise is my favourite chocolate but it's not so socially acceptable buying the egg without a little kid by my size so I may just stock up on loads of these mini eggs and hope that will last me a while. Okay let's be real it won't last long at all. I'm really trying to cut down on chocolate and sweet things so one here and there should be grand right? They are tiny of course.

Hannah Maggs Eye Mask: I have issues with insomnia which comes and goes but my room has curtains which let the light in. Now this usually isn't a problem but when I've had next to no sleep and no plans for the day (very rare) but this blocks out the light and helps a lot. It's not uncomfortable at all and it's gorgeous too! You can purchase it here.

Oranges: Again trying to get healthy and alternate all my guilty pleasures. I'm absolutely loving the big oranges and leaving them in the fridge so they are nice and cold. Perfect! Any tips for anyone who struggles with fruit? Please throw them my way!


Rinica Writes - A blog I've followed since I started blogging. I love how clear her photographs are with descriptive reviews about products. It's also nice to find someone with a similar skin tone! I'm always there when she has a new post up and forever getting her advice on different products! She's one of my favourites which I'm sure she knows and probably one of the blogs I always visit.

Bambi's Beauty Blog -  Don't be fooled by the name, it's not all about beauty! I love Em's tips posts and lifestyle posts. She's forever putting up tips and positivity on her blog. I'm always there when she has a new post! She's also one of the nicest bloggers I've come across! Such a sweetheart. One of my favourite posts is her getting organised and being productive post.

Amy J Walters - If you have suffered from mental health issues or you do currently do Amy is your girl. She's full of honest, open and insightful posts. She's an absolute doll and so easy to relate to. There's also beauty thrown in if you love beauty like me too! She also hosts #MindsMatter chats on Tuesdays at 7pm. Get involved - makes such a difference to talk to people going through similar issues! We need to start talking about Mental health more and reduce the stigma!

The CurvaceousVegan - Amie is such a kind soul and it comes through in all her posts. With a wide variety of posts you are bound to find something that interests you. I personally enjoy her Saturday posts and catching up with her week and what she's looking forward to ahead as well as people recommendations! You just feel like you know her! I love her layout too and how easy it is to read her blog - plus how cute is that header?

Classic Rogue - Zoe is probably one of my favourite beauty bloggers out there. With stunning photos and descriptive and in depth reviews she's everything you want in a beauty blogger. She definitely makes me want to buy everything that she writes about! My wishlist is forever increasing, thanks Zoe haha. 

Hana ♥
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