Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Eye treatments or creams tend to be a step I skip over when I'm doing my skin care. I guess it's because I haven't found a product that I really like. As I'm getting older I'm realising how important it is to start looking after my skin now to prevent damage and slow down ageing. I'm noticing on the days that I don't wear make up my under eyes seem to be the area that look the worst so I'm on a mission of trying to improve this! So after doing a lot of research I finally gave in to the good reviews and purchased the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment. I've had it recommended before but for some reason I always put off buying it.
Kiehls describe it as a creamy and rich eye treatment which is enriched with Avocado to moisturise the eye area. The formula doesn't migrate into the eyes and is Ophthalmologist and Dermatolgist tested! The first thing I noticed when I tried this was just how thick the formula was. It definitely isn't a product you'll be able to get away with wearing during the day - and if you do you'll have to wait a while for it to set. It might just be because I have quite oily skin. I can imagine those with really dry skin will absolutely adore this product. You really need the tiniest amount and that will cover under the eyes. I can see this small pot lasting absolutely ages. How I apply is it by taking a tiny bit onto my finger and dabbing it under my eyes. It feels cooling and refreshing when applied. After using it for a few weeks the area under my eyes definitely felt more moisturised and looked a lot smoother which I loved. However, as good as the product is I've found it quite hard to stick to using it. I think due to the nature of how thick the cream is I find it hard to apply as it can feel really heavy. I've tried using it in day time before and I just hated how it felt. However, as a night treatment it does feel really nice and my eyes feel smoother and more comfortable the next morning.
Personally I don't think I'll be purchasing this product again when I eventually run out but the only reason for this is because the formula is so thick. If you do have really dry skin I do recommend you give it a try but if you have oily skin like me maybe test it in store first before you decide to purchase it. You can get it for £20 from the Kiehl's Website.
What eye cream do you use? Is there one you can recommend to me?

Hana ♥

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