Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is officially here although you wouldn't think it looking outside at this gloomy weather. However, many people are jetting away soon so I thought it would be a perfect time to share what I have in my beach bag (for those who are not going away for a while don't worry! My holiday isn't until September, so I'm still counting down!). The lovely lot from Adore Me contacted me about a hashtag they are doing on instagram called #BeachDayMusts and asked if I wanted to get involved which I was very excited about! I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while so seemed like the perfect time. Adore Me has some beautiful lingerie and swim wear - I can't wait to do an order but I definitely recommend you have a look around. I will be doing an order soon and will keep you updated on my thoughts! The link is here if you want to go have a browse!

So onto what's inside this beach bag! My bag is a bucket bag from Hollister which was from a few years ago. But I prefer it to the standard beach bag as it's more compact and you can just chuck everything in. If I was going to spend the whole day at the beach I would probably carry a lot more with me but these items are just my absolute essentials! A lot of these products I carry in my handbag so it was just a case of transferring!

BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: SPF is vital when you're spending time in the sun. It's so important to look after your skin! I have tanned dark skin so I tend to avoid the sun but for those who love laying in the sun please layer up on SPF - even if you don't you need to protect your skin! This Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30 Lip Balm is so comfortable on the lips and easy to apply. It does leave a bit of a white mask but I wear lipstick or lip gloss over so it isn't too obvious. For my actual face I have recently discovered Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream. This sits so comfortably on the skin, it has light to medium coverage depending on how much you build it up. I just forget I have it on and it's suppose to keep your face hydrated each time you use it. I'm loving it so far and I'm going to be reaching for it in the summer loads. Another new product I have purchased recently is the Britney Spears Maui Fantasy Perfume - I absolutely adore the scent of this. It makes me think of cocktails and Summer and is such an easy scent to wear. It has notes of passion fruit, hibiscus, orange blossom, vanilla and coconut. The bottle is stunning and the colour is beautiful too. I usually steer away from celebrity perfumes but this one is so good for day to day. I also recommend getting a SPF for face and body - I don't have one that I'm loving right now so I haven't added it. Any recommendations would be welcome!

ENTERTAINMENT ESSENTIALS: A good book is vital for a beach trip in my opinion. It's so nice to lay in the sun (or the shade in my case) and have a read. It takes mind off current events and let's you get enveloped into a different world. Such a nice little escape! Music is a must too - I carry round my iPod with me pretty much everywhere and really do believe music always helps! The most recent book I've read was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes which was such a gorgeous emotional book. I definitely recommend it. The film done it justice too. Any book recommendations through them my way too! 

MISC ESSENTIALS: Sunglasses go without saying! I need to order some contact lenses so I can wear any sunglasses I want. These ones are from Detour and I just love the design of them. Hats are vital too but I completely forgot to add some to the picture! Sandals are also vital if you are planning to walk round the beach - easy to get off ready for that run into the sea if you wish. These ones are from the sale in New Look from a few years ago. Water is also a must - if you're spending time in the sun it's so important to stay hydrated! I always have a bottle of water wherever I go. Tissues are always important too - you just never know when you'll need some. I usually have hand sanitiser too but couldn't find any for this shot! The Soap & Glory ones are my favourite as they smell gorgeous. Another absolute must is Wet Wipes whether your feet are covered in sand or you want to wipe your hands to have some food - definite need! 

So those are my essentials for the beach. What are yours?

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