Monday, 25 January 2016

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Reviving Dry Oil

Does anyone else suffer from extremely fine hair that just breaks? Well I have a product which could make a huge change to you. Since I started dying my hair over the past two years my hair has got a lot weaker so any product that strengthens it I want to try. I finally gave into my mum telling me to use an oil in my hair. So I purchased this from boots. Hesitant about using it I started applying it every other evening before bed as I wash my hair every day. Now it's become such a part of my routine I don't know what I would do without it.
It contains moroccan argan oil which was everywhere in the blogsphere in 2015 making the smell pleasant and makes hair softer and silkier. It also helps to defrizz hair as well as help with split ends. If I have days where I'm just at home I apply it after I've showered and the frizz disappears completely which is impressive in my hair! Because it is a dry oil it applies like a mist and doesn't leave that horrible greasy residue. About 3 or 4 pumps covers my hair. When I use it at night time I put it in a plait and go to sleep - and honestly in the morning it still looks amazing. Definitely something I'm not used to. I've been using it for about four months now and my hair has never felt as strong as it does and just the quality of it has majorly improved. I had my hair cut about a month ago and even the hairdresser was impressed at how much better quality my hair is. So if you want something that will make your hair stronger, defrizz and make it softer you should give this a try. It's £7.35 from Boots but it's usually on offer somewhere or another.

What can't you live without in your hair routine?

Hana ♥

Monday, 18 January 2016

Real Tips for Approaching Deadlines and Exams

So I felt a tad guilty about my last post being a joke to revising or approaching deadlines so I thought I would actually share with you tips and what I do when approaching an exam. Again - no fancy photos! Let's be real there's nothing fancy about doing an essay or revising for an exam. But hope this helps for you in university or college who are struggling. I am in my final year and soon to approach a dissertation (and I've done one before so I know what to expect) so I get it - I really do! 


Plan your time - I cannot stress this enough. To anyone starting university, or have a set amount of days or hours until a deadline - planning your time is so vital. I have a month planner with deadlines clearly written with information on where I should have a draft done. I never use to do essay plans - but I'm learning I have to. Then I will do a checklist of what I need to get done that day. There seems to be something extremely satisfying when you tick a box! I aim to get my essay done for 4/5 days remaining from the deadline. That way it gives enough time to review what you have written and spot mistakes. It also gives you time to breathe and make sure there is nothing you have forgotten. 

Take regular breaks: Everyone works differently so however often you need to take breaks do it. HOWEVER, when you continue close all those tabs of social media, put your phone out of reach from you and try to remove any distraction. I try to take a break every 20/30 minutes for 5 minutes. Then I don't feel too out of touch from people. But if you're on a roll keep going! 

Walk or do star jumps: Do something on your break even if it's pacing. (I hate people who pace!) Just get yourself moving, you don't want to give yourself back or neck pain from being stuck in the same position for too long.

Find a quiet area: This is vital in my opinion. I don't study in my room - I just can't do it, I need to separate the place I study to where I relax. I know it's hard but try find somewhere else. If you can't go to your local or university library. Guaranteed it will be quiet and you should be less distracted by your surroundings which will hopefully motivate you. 

Snacks and water! I get really peckish when I'm studying  - I think it's because I forget how long I have been studying for. I am guilty of having chocolate by me but try balance it with fruit so I don't get too hungry. Water is a must too - staring at a laptop for a long period of time is likely to give you a headache so make sure you are hydrated. 

Find out the main topics you have to study: And break them down into sections. When I was in my first year I used to be overwhelmed trying to learn everything in one go. Now I try do a section or area a day or for a few hours. I find this makes it so much easier to remember. 

Make main notes: I never use to use memory cards but now I find they are a savior. Just writing main points on them and reading them through on my way to the exam helps a lot. It doesn't feel so cluttered then. Also having a quick glance before I go into the exam area makes a difference. 

Don't worry it's only an exam: Yes it's important - but you can do it. As someone who suffers from anxiety exams are never fun. But I feel that if I tell myself it's okay, I can only do my best etc it helps.

Make sure you read the questions properly: I done this mistake recently, I read the question completely wrong. So that was time lost in an exam I really could have avoided. Scribble on the questions - make a small plan for your answer. Whatever works!

On that point I wish you all luck with your assignments/deadlines/exams! Hope everything goes well and you get what you want. But whatever you do don't put yourself down - you can only do your best which is enough! You've done amazing to get where you are.

Also stop procrastinating and go do your work, go on.  

Hana ♥ 

Monday, 11 January 2016

5 Steps to take when approaching a Deadline


No fancy photos in this post today I'm afraid. Now I'm approaching a gazillion deadlines so this is going to be a short post but I didn't want to leave the blog a week without a post! So here you go.

1: Do leave things until last minute - It's amazing for your stress levels. What's the fun in doing things with plenty of time to go? There's nothing like the joy of rushing to meet a deadline. Try it. I dare you.

2: Click continue watching on Netflix - why are you so needy Netflix?! You know that break you take... And before you know three hours has passed and you're a mess. Yeah well it's too late to change that mess, might as well carry on right?! You HAVE to watch that film you're friend recommended but you were never interested in and that series that you're half way through - have to finish it some day, might as well be today.

3: Keep your phone on vibrate - You need to know about Jane's rage about her boyfriend on facebook and you have to respond to that text in point 5 seconds as it's absolutely necessary. I mean they might have a nervous breakdown if you don't respond quick enough. 

4: The two Ps: Panic and procrastinate - What if you miss this deadline? It's not that important is it? I can do it in a hour right? That's plenty of time right? Definitely enough time to watch that one episode of Gossip Girl. Or two. Or three. But that outfit on Blair is so beautiful, have to dig through my entire wardrobe and replicate it. 

5: Just put the laptop down and go on a dance marathon - It counts as exercise right? Exercise is good for the body. So therefore you are helping your future self. You will be a goddess.

On a serious note though - plan your time, be organised and take regular breaks. No one likes a stress head. 

Hana ♥ 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover and 3 in 1 Sensitive Caring Micellar Water

Now I love putting on make up, love it. But taking it off? Absolute nightmare - so anything that makes it easier is welcome. This combination makes removing my make up so much quicker and easier! 

I actually had no intentions of picking this up when I did. I ran out of a eye make up remover and saw it in Tesco and now I'm addicted. I have very sensitive eyes - and skin for that matter so I'm always looking for something that won't irritate. The remover is enriched in cornflower extract so has a bit of a smell to it, but you get used to it. I promise. It just has this gorgeous formula that feels nice on the skin and just removes so easily. You just shake the bottle to activate then apply a bit on a cotton pad and voila it's gone! It says you don't need to rub but to remove waterproof make up you do a bit! However, it's yet to irritate my eyes so I'm going to keep on using it. It also doesn't leave that horrible residue that some removers do! If you want a new eye make up remover definitely look it up. It's also a nice size but bit of a pain being over 100ml not so travel friendly! 

Ah micellar water. There's been so many released over 2015 so if you haven't found one you love or want to try something new I do recommend this one. This was another product I didn't intend to purchase but I ran out of Bioderma and needed something quickly so I picked this up after having such a good experience with the eye make up remover. It's from the same range as the eye make up remover so has the same 'caring' aspect to it. It has no funky smell - you just apply it to a cotton pad and remove. It does get off all my make up (apart from mascara) so definitely happy with it. No greasy residue and if you have dry skin too you'll like this as unlike some other micelllar waters I've tried it does not strip the skin at all! Leaves the skin soft and hydrated. I do skip cleansing when I'm feeling really lazy and just do this! It says you don't need a toner afterwards but I still use one! 

Superdrug currently has a buy one get one free offer so if you want to try both now's your chance! Have you tried Nivea skin care? What do you think? If not what would you recommend?

Hana ♥
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